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Progress Made On Bridge Replacement On Lincoln Prairie Bike Trail

Work continues on the Lincoln Prairie Bike Trail between Taylorville and Pana, both with getting a new bridge built to replace the current closed bridge near Taylorville, as well as to repair some issues that have arisen over the years with the trail pavement itself.
Bud Altman is Vice Chairman of the Lincoln Prairie Trail Conservancy, an organization working to help repair the trail, and says progress has been made on the process of replacing the closed bridge on the north side of the trail.
There are also a number of repairs that need to be made to the trail. Altman says these include fixing cracks, as well as areas where tree roots have damaged the trail.
The Lincoln Prairie Trail Conservancy has been able to help repair some of the issues on the trail while the bridge replacement moves forward, helping to keep the costs low due to volunteer help.
Altman appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

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