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Flu season is here, and many across the area have had or know someone that have shown flu symptoms this season. The Litchfield School District has canceled classes Thursday and Friday because of the flu, and Taylorville Junior High School has seen its own flu outbreak at the school as well.


TJHS Principal Kirk Kettelkamp says about 180 students were absent Monday and Tuesday. While Kettelkamp says the past few days have been better, school faculty and staff are now having to help those students affected play catch up.



Kettelkamp says custodial staff are always cleaning and disinfecting the school on a daily basis. But if students have already caught the bug, Dr. Paul Toofan at Taylorville Urgent Care says there is only so much one can do.



Kettelkamp says he hopes everyone can recover and get healthy as we head into the holidays.

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