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Christian County Crimestoppers Celebrates 30 Years and Hundreds of Arrests Made

More than 450 arrests made. More than 530 cases cleared. More than $570,000 in illegal contraband seized.


That is what Christian County Crimestoppers has done for the community since its inception 30 years ago. The organization celebrated its 30th birthday Wednesday afternoon.


Dan Austin helped to start the Christian County Crimestoppers in 1987. He says when the police showed up at his office one day, he jokes that he didn’t think they were looking to start a Crimestoppers organization.



George Yard is President of the Christian County Crimestoppers Board of Directors. He says Crimestoppers has had a huge impact on the community.



Austin, along with current Crimestoppers coordinator Alan Mills shared stories and the results the organization has produced since its beginning with those in attendance. Mills is in his 11th year serving as the county Crimestoppers coordinator.

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