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Moweaqua Community Ambulance Service could close for good without more volunteers to keep the service running. The service’s coordinator says if it were to close, those in Moweaqua may have to wait up to 40 minutes for an ambulance in an emergency.


Brookie Spa is the EMT Coordinator with Moweaqua Community Ambulance Service. She says first responders can only do so much.



Spa says the service has hired outside EMTs to staff the service, but that the payroll costs are quickly depleting their funds. She says although volunteers are desperately needed, they also may need money to make it until a new crop of volunteers can start serving.



Donations to Moweaqua Community Ambulance Service are tax-deductible because the organization is a not-for-profit. You can mail any donations to P.O. Box 85, Moweaqua, IL, 62550.

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