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Illinois State Historical Society Looking to Get Lincoln Portraits into All County Courthouses in the State

The Illinois State Historical Society is looking to get Abraham Lincoln portraits into every county courthouse in the state, but time is running out before the price of the portraits go up. The portrait being sold was originally taken by Alexander Hessler right after Lincoln was nominated for president, and although the negative was likely destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire, the society has the glass-plate positives.


Gwen Podeschi with the Illinois State Historical Society says they would like to see outside groups help make getting Lincoln portraits in every courthouse a reality.



Podeschi says the price will be 500 dollars before the jump to 650 in 2018. She says the photo is a great way to see what Lincoln looked like as he lived in central Illinois.



Podeschi appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM morning show.

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