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Christian County's 2018 Insurance Plan Needs Plenty of Discussion, Multiple Votes to Pass at Tuesday's Meeting

It took three different votes for property and causality insurance, but the Christian County Board approved that and its workmen’s compensation insurance packages for 2018 at Tuesday night’s board meeting.


The board had bids from four different companies to choose from on insurance. In a nearly unanimous vote (one member abstained), Dimond Brothers Insurance was once again chosen to serve the county for workman’s compensation insurance. The property and causality insurance was where the board needed to mull things over.


In the first vote, the board voted down insurance from it’s current property / causality provider, Snedeker Risk Management, by a vote of 8-7. A motion was then made to go with Dimond Brothers for that insurance as well. Then that motion also failed 7-6 with two members abstaining. After each insurance company had five minutes to talk with board members and further discussion, the board took a second vote on going with Snedeker and that motion passed 9-6.


For those who voted for Snedeker, they did not mind paying about seven thousand more a year for the extra services they provided. District Three Board Member Molly Alaria says from the department heads she has talked to, those extra services provide peace of mind.



Those who wanted the county to pick Dimond Brothers seemed to wanted the lower cost option, along with keeping the business in Christian County. District One Board Member Ben Curtin voted no both times, and explains his vote.



The board will reconvene for its next meeting on Tuesday, November 21st at 6:30 p.m. in the board room at the Christian County Courthouse.

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