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Rained Out Saturday Afternoon Didn't Ruin Very Successful Chillifest Event

The final numbers aren’t in yet, but chili sales on Sunday should set a one-day sales record for Chillifest according to Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce CEO Patty Hornbuckle.


Hornbuckle says they will have more clear numbers next week, but one interaction with head chili cook J.I. McDowell told her everything she needed to know about Sunday’s chili sales.



Hornbuckle says the rains dampered sales for chili and vendors on Saturday, but Sunday more than made up for the lost dollars on Saturday.



Hornbuckle says she got to enjoy something at this year’s festival that she surprisingly hasn’t done for a few years.



Hornbuckle says this year’s Chillifest wrap-up meeting will be on Monday, October 16th.

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