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Pana Man Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison For DUI Accident That Killed Another Pana Man


A Pana man will serve five years in prison after a DUI accident that killed another Pana man in February of 2016. 38-year-old Matthew D. Swisher was the driver in the accident that killed his passenger, 43-year-old Kevin G. Thompson on February 7 of last year.


Swisher was driving westbound on East 350 North Road about 2 miles west of Pana when he went off the road just before 9 p.m. Thompson was ejected from the vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene.


Thompson’s mother and sister both gave emotional statements before the court during the hearing. They both told Swisher they hoped he never forgot about his fatal mistake that killed their son and brother, and they hoped he could change his life for the better while in prison. At the end of the hearing, Swisher turned to the family and gave them a short but emotional apology.


Judge Brad Paisley told the court that in cases like this, justice cannot be served because justice would be bringing back Thompson and Swisher not being in the courtroom for the accident. 

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