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Special Assistant Public Defender to be Hired in Stivers Murder Case

A special assistant public defender will be hired in the Robert Stivers murder case. Christian County Resident Judge Brad Paisley said in court Thursday that Public Defender Greg Grigsby’s motion for a special assistant public defender would be granted once it was decided where the funds would come from.


Grigsbey plans to hire Attorney Tom Lacy as his assistant. Grigsby said in court that he has previous experience working with Lacy on a case in 1986-87 and he has experience with shaken baby cases as is the Stivers case. Grigsby says Lacy would be paid $100 an hour and that would be capped at $10,000.


Stivers is accused of causing the injuries that resulted in the death of his four-month old child in 2016. The jury trial in the case is expected to be held in early January.

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