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Planes and Combines Kicking Off This Years Christian County Ag Literacy Program

The Christian County Ag Literacy Program is getting ready for another year of teaching area students about different subjects concerning the agriculture industry. The program is getting things started this year by talking about combines and crop dusters that the kids will see, and may have seen over the summer.


Charlotte Schuricht is the Program Coordinator for the Christian County Ag Literacy Program, and is commonly referred to as the Ag in the Classroom teacher. Schuricht says younger students will be learning about combines, and how they work during the fall season.



Many may have seen planes flying above fields over the summer. Older students in the program will be learning more about what those planes do, as well as the implementation of other technology to help farmers in their fields.



Schuricht also wanted to remind everyone about Ag Safety Day, taking place on September 27th at the Christian County Fairgrounds.


Schuricht appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

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