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From Left to Right: Tierra Thomason (4th), Treena Brown (1st), Bobby Grundy (3rd), Mary McChristy (10th), Pat Gaynor (2nd), Regina Gaynor (6th), and Nicole Erwin-Gaynor (7th). Not pictured – Tracy Marshall (5th), Ron Stivers (8th) and Julie Schmidt (9th)


One Taylorville Memorial Hospital program is helping many community members get healthier, 50,000 pounds healthier and still going. The hospital’s “Lose-to-Win” program recently completed another 14-week program, and this cycle’s winner lost over 16-percent of their body weight.


Janelle Cornell is a clinical dietitian at TMH. She says the program started as a hospital staff only program, but it quickly grew once it was opened to the general public.



Cornell says some people need extra motivation to lose weight, and the “Lose-to-Win” program provides that push.




Cornell says anyone who would like to lose weight is welcome to join the program. She says she is the only person that ever knows what you weigh at weigh-in, and you are encouraged, but not required to attend weekly sessions during the program. An informational meeting will be held for the next “Lose-to-Win” program at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, September 6 in Room 414 at Taylorville Memorial Hospital. 

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