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Missions for Taylorville is a local organization working to help improve the condition of properties around the local community, with a focus on helping those who cannot afford or are not able to make the repairs themselves. The group also makes a yearly trip to Detroit to assist with Rippling Hope, a similar organization in Southeast Michigan.
The two organizations are teaming up this week to work on a number of projects around the city. Regional Radio News spoke with Rippling Hope Executive Director Carl Zerweck about the work the group does. Zerweck says when groups travel from out of town to work with Rippling Hope, they often leave with many stories of the work they did, and the people they met.
Zerweck and Missions For Taylorville Director Bill Kerns have a long history together, and when Rippling Hope was founded, Kerns was quick to get involved.
Many of the projects Rippling Hope works on are often at homes where the residents have long since been a part of the history of the region.

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