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A drunk driving arrest and suicide of a Staunton man two years ago prompted legislation to make its way through the Illinois General Assembly this year entitled “Conor’s Law.”


Senator Andy Manar sponsored the legislation and State Representative Avery Bourne carried the measure in the house where it was given final approval this (Thursday) morning.


In 2015, 20-year-old Conor Vesper was arrested for DUI. Vesper posted bond and was released while he was still intoxicated. He got behind the wheel again, was pursued by police and upon arriving at his home, took his own life with a gun. Representative Bourne spoke on who Vesper was in life before this tragedy occured.



The bill (SB2185) requires police to hold DUI suspects under 21 for a period of time long enough for them to sober up or to be picked up by a responsible adult. Representative Bourne laid out her hopes for the passing of this legislation.


The bill passed unanimously in both chambers.

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