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Illinois Department of Public Health Warns Public About Rabid Bats and Animals

Rabid bats have been found in Illinois this year, and the Illinois Department of Public Health wants the public to beware of rabid animals. So far, 15 bats have tested positive for rabies in the state this year, including some in Sangamon County.


Connie Austin is the Illinois State Public Health Veteranarian. She says people shouldn’t let their curiousity take over if a wild animal lets you approach it.



Austin says bat colonies can live in your house. She says keeping your house maintained is the best way to prevent bats in your home and to also keep pets away from bats.



Austin says if you do find a bat in your home, make sure to call the proper agency and wait for their instruction.



Austin says if you have a bat in your home and it tests positive or remains untested for rabies, you may have to go through a series of complicated shots. She says that isn’t something people would want to go through.

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