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Farm Progress Show Returning To Decatur

Progress City at Richland Community College in Decatur, Illinois is set to become the mecca for agriculture once again as the 2017 Farm Progress Show returns August 29th thru the 31st.  Every other year, hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world converge to learn about the latest and greatest in agriculture.  Matt Jungmann, National Events Manager for Penton Farm Progress, says the 2017 show is already shaping up to be an exciting one.


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2015 was the last time the Farm Progress Show was held in central Illinois.  That show saw a permanent expansion hastily included to the show site.  While no expansion is taking place this year, 

The 2017 Farm Progress Show will really start taking shape on Decatur's north side in July.  Jungmann says that's when companies will start prepping and constructing their exhibits.

The 2017 Farm Progress Show runs in Decatur August 29th thru the 31st.  To learn more, visit farmprogressshow.com.

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