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Education Reform Bill Sponsored by Manar Heading to Governor's Desk

An education funding reform bill sponsored by a local state senator will be heading to the governor’s desk. Senate Bill 1 is sponsored by Senator Andy Manar of Bunker Hill, and it’s a bill that tackles an issue that has faced the state of Illinois for decades.


Manar says this bill fixes the state’s education funding system that has become a mess over time.



Manar says that although the bill leaves currently allocated money going to the schools it would have went to in the old system, any new money allocated towards education will go to the schools who have the least resources first.



95th District House Representative Avery Bourne does not support Senate Bill 1. She said in a statement released early Friday that she wants to see a new education funding model passed, but that this bill is “rigged for one school district, Chicago.”

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