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After an hour and 15 minutes of, at some points, spirited discussion in a special board meeting before the regularly scheduled Taylorville City Council meeting, the board voted 6 to 2 to give the go-ahead on two new tax-increment-financing (TIF) districts in Taylorville. The first would be located along Route 29 in the northwestern part of the city, while the other will be on what Mayor Bruce Barry calls the “Old Tenaska Property” along Route 48.


Barry talks about the next steps in the TIF creation process:



Barry says the possible hotel coming to Taylorville now looks more promising with the TIF district’s passing.



That proposed hotel would be located in TIF district 1 on the northwest side of Taylorville. Also in Monday night’s meeting, the mayor gave an update on his efforts to help clean up Taylorville. He says that some addresses he’s been given are more likely demolition candidates, but that there are plenty of areas of town that he’s started to help begin the clean-up process.



To watch the full video of the regular and special board meetings on Monday night, visit WTIM-TV’s YouTube channel.

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