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The Illinois Department of Agriculture is encouraging farmers and agrichemical facilities to save their empty agri-chemical containers.  The Department announced Monday it has arranged sites where the containers will be collected later in the summer.


State Agriculture Director Raymond Poe said in a statement that the program offers farmers and agri-chemical facilities an opportunity to demonstrate their environmental stewardship by not throwing the containers out with any other garbage.


The collected containers will be recycled to make shipping pallets, fence posts, drainage tubing, plastic lumber and other products. Metal and household pesticide containers are not eligible for the recycling program. Collection sites will accept only high-density polyethylene, #2 plastic agri-chemical containers that are clean and dry. Participants are responsible for rinsing them and removing all caps, labels, booklets and foil seals.


Some of the Central Illinois drop-off locations later this summer include places in Pana, Montrose, Vandalia, Girard, and Jacksonville.

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