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The Pana Fire Department wants the people of Pana to have warning if their home catches fire. After three fire deaths in a week in April, the department and the American Red Cross have partnered to provide free smoke detectors to Pana residents. Pana Fire Chief Rod Bland says residents started asking about a program to provide smoke detectors after the fatal fires, and then the Red Cross gave him a call telling him about their program.


He says in addition to providing free smoke detectors, there’s an educational program included that provides information on how to prepare for many other kinds of disasters.



Bland says residents don’t need to worry about installing the smoke detectors, firefighters will do that. He says it’s a way for the department to check in on city residents.



To pick up a form to receive a smoke detector, there are forms at the Loaves and Fishes Food Bank, the Community Missions Center, the Pana Police Department, Save-A-Lot, or from any Pana firefighter.

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