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Students in the Christian County CEO program combined to earn net proceeds of 13-thousand, two-hundred dollars this school year. The students decided they wanted to help their friends in Shelby County start a CEO program, and on Wednesday morning, they presented a check of $1,000 to the up-and-coming Shelby County CEO Program.


CEO stands for Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities, and Christian County program facilitator Dick Adams says the program teaches them life skills and gives them something of their own through the process of the course.



Shelby County Economic Development Director Anna Kiley says they’ve seen the success of the program in Christian County, and they wanted to bring the program into Shelby County.



Kiley says 16 students are committed to the program for next school year. Shelby Electric Cooperative President and CEO Josh Schallenberger has been a speaker for the Christian County program for the past few years. He says the program gives students the opportunity to meet and work with business owners in the area and builds personal connections for the students’ futures. With what he’s seen in the next generation, he is optimistic about the future.


For more information on how to become an investor in the Shelby County CEO program, the best way is through the contact page at ShelbyCountyCEO.com.

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