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Behind Locked Doors is a new business in Taylorville, that offers visitors an “escape room” experience where groups try to solve various puzzles to escape from a room. Tyler Frump is the owner, and says it was important to her as a younger person living in Taylorville, to return home from school and start a business where she calls home.


Frump appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show to discuss Behind Locked Doors, and shared how the room that visitors escape from will have a theme that changes throughout the year. Currently the room features a nautical pirate theme.



Frump says many people she's talked to were surprised to see someone so young starting a business in Taylorville. She reflected that it was important to her to start her business in Taylorville, to do what she can to help the community.



Frump says she's always loved Taylorville, and she wanted to help the community any way she could.

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