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Christian County Sheriff Concerned About Presence of Opioid Drug Carfentanil in Christian County

A new drug has emerged that has been linked to multiple overdoes deaths in the area. Carfentanil is an incredibly potent opioid not approved for human consumption, that's being mixed with other drugs in an effort to make them more potent. The Christian County Sheriff's Office is warning the region of the drug hoping to save lives in the process.


Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp says the presence of the drug in the area is incredibly alarming to him.



The drug is responsible for multiple deaths in area, including several in Sangamon County. Kettelkamp is concerned that if it's in Sangamon County, that means it's possibly in Christian County as well.



Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

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