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Taylorville Park Board Approves Budget, Discusses Fishing Dock Issues at Latest Meeting

The Taylorville Park Board met in their regular monthly meeting Monday night at the Manner’s Park Board Room. Several items on the agenda included approving the FY17-FY18 budget, inducting new board members, and hearing reports from the various park department heads.


One of the first orders of business was to adopt the annual budget for the FY17-FY18 year. The board heard some of the highlights of the budget from Board Member Quinn Broverman.



New board member Bob Steiner had a question about a particular line item on the budget.



Other items of business was discussion on the state of the fishing dock at the park. Maintenance Superintendent Gary Brown says the board needs to find time to address the dock, and may need to consider shutting the dock down in the meantime.



Another concern with the dock was with prom quickly approaching for area students, the hazard it could cause with those students taking pictures at the park.



Ultimately several members of the board elected to take a closer look at the dock, and discuss it in an upcoming committee meeting.

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