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Christian County Assembles New Search and Rescue Team

Christian County is now under the watchful eye of the newly formed Christian County Search and Rescue Team. The team is made up of dedicated firefighters and damage assessment team members is designed to give Christian County the ability to get a jump start on search and rescue operations before calling in additional help.


Christian County Emergency Manager Mike Crews spoke with Regional Radio News about the team and is happy the county was able to put the team together. A missing persons search several months ago in Taylorville identified the need for this kind of team.



Team members received training to help them better understand what may be going through the mind of a lost person, which can in turn, help the team locate that person faster.



The final portion of the team’s training was to locate a fictitious missing person at Lake Taylorville. The team was able to locate the “victim” within 90 minutes, after a search that the instructors had anticipated would last several hours.

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