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Okaw Valley Schools Honored for Partnership With US Army Corp of Engineers

The Okaw Valley School district has partnered up with the Army Corp of Engineers at Lake Shelbyville, and recently received an award from the Corp’s Mississippi Valley Division Commander. The award honors the work that the school district has been able to do with the Army Corp of Engineers, in a unique partnership that Corp hasn’t done in the past.


Sarah Haslet with the US Army Corp of Engineers at Lake Shelbyville appeared on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show to discuss various matters concerning the organization and the lake and commented on the award, saying it was great to see the school district honored on a national level.



The Corp was able to surprise the school with the award, as the school simply thought they were meeting with Corp to further discuss the partnership.



Haslet said the whole ceremony was fun to watch, as they flew the Division Commander in on a helicopter to present the award.

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