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There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the Lincoln Prairie Bike Trail connecting Taylorville and Pana. The trail has been in a state of disrepair as of late, and Pana and Taylorville have jointly agreed to fund repairs to the trail along with help from the state. A new group of citizens have also joined together to form the Lincoln Prairie Trail Conservancy in an effort to assist the cities with the repairs and upkeep to the bike trail.


Bud Altman with the Lincoln Prairie Trail Conservancy spoke with Regional Radio News and said the group’s mission is to help maintain the trail in any way they can.



The group will be doing things such as fundraising and helping to repair some of the issues with the trail.



The group will be holding their initial event to connect with the community this Saturday from 9:30 to noon at both ends of the trail. The group will have more information on the trail as well as refreshments for those who attend.

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