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WTIM Investment Professional Steve Henry Gives Advice on When to Sell Your Stocks

A question that perplexes many when it comes to trading stocks in the stock market is when is a good time to sell? There are several situations where selling stocks may make sense, like when that stock reaches what you feel is the true value of the stock.
WTIM Investment Professional Steve Henry with CSH Investment Management said you should buy stocks slightly below what you feel it's worth, and then sell once it's price rises to that level.
Another option is to split up your stocks after they've gone up in price, and sell a portion of them to make back the original price you paid.
You can get more investing tips by clicking on the WTIM Morning Show Investment Professional icon at TaylorvilleDailyNews.com. WTIM Investment Professional Steve Henry appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

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