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AFSCME vs Rauner Continues

A win for AFSCME in the battle between the union for the majority of state workers and Governor Rauner. The Illinois Supreme Court has rejected Rauner's request to hear a direct appeal to a decision regarding stalled contract talks between the parties. Anders Lindall with AFSCME is celebrating news that Fourth District Appellate Court will get to determine whether talks between the Governor and Union should be considered to be at an impasse.

The state’s high court offered no legal opinion and simply issued a one sentence ruling that the Rauner administration’s request had been denied. It could take months for the appellate court to rule. The Rauner Administration has released the following statement from General Counsel Dennis Murashko:

“We have gone as far as we can go in negotiations - and our last, best and final offer is all that our taxpayers can afford. It is therefore regrettable that AFSCME is continuously resisting every attempt for a quick resolution and wants to continue dragging this out in the courts. Every day of delay costs taxpayers over $2 million.”

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