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The Taylorville Park Board met at the Manners Park Board Room Monday night. At the meeting the board learned of savings for the new lights the board previously approved to be installed throughout Manners Park. The project was originally expected to cost around $11,000, but diligent shopping around from Park Board Office Administrator Mary Ann Becker managed to cut that cost tremendously.


Becker told the board she decided to shop around for the project, and found comparable lights at a much lower cost. All together, the savings for the project due to the new lights will be around $5,200.



The lights are already ordered, and the board is also expecting to be partially reimbursed for the project, bringing the costs down even further.



Becker was asked how she managed to find the savings. She told the board she found the new lights in a catalog she receives at a much lower cost, and even managed to add on additional savings to the order as well.



The next meeting of the Taylorville Park Board will take place on April 24th.

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