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Pana Community Hospital is working to give the best experience and care it can across all departments, including their Emergency Department. The department is working to keep wait times low, and the quality of care high, and urge residents to come into the ER if they feel they need emergency care.


One concern among many when they head to the emergency room is how long it will take to be seen. Greg Hager, Manager of Pana Community Hospital Outpatient Services joined the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show and said at Pana Community Hospital, they try to keep wait times to under ten minutes, and had several methods such as a triage system to help achieve that goal.



Sometimes though wait times and frustrations can grow as patients waiting to be seen in the ER get passed up by other patients who may have arrived after they have. Hager asked those heading to the ER to be patient, as there may be others arriving after them, that have more serious issues.


Hagar also said that people experiencing certain symptoms such as stroke like symptoms should get to the ER as soon as they can, so the hospital can give them medications to help as soon as possible.



Hagar added that even if Pana Community Hospital needs to transfer you to another, larger hospital for care, they are still capable of stabilizing your conditions, and that visiting the Pana Community Hospital ER is still your best bet to get the care you need in as timely a manner as possible.

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