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Local elections are nearly here, and one question several of the candidates have had for Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton, is for his endorsement. Mayor Brotherton has purposely declined these requests, saying he doesn't want anybody making their voting decisions based on his actions.


Mayor Brotherton said while appearing on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show that he wants voters to research the candidates and come to their own decision on who they want to vote for.



Brotherton did say he values experience for the position, partially due to the huge turnover the city government will experience this election. One position up for grabs is City Clerk, as Pam Peabody who currently holds that position has decided to retire. Mayor Brotherton praised the job Peabody has done, and says whoever is elected to the job has big shoes to fill.



Mayor Brotherton also added that he is encouraged to see that all of the candidates running for office seem to have a vested interest in the city, and that all candidates seem to be running in order to help the city continue to grow.

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