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With a vote on the April 4th Taylorville School Tax Referendum looming Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp is worried about the future of youth in the community should it fail. The Sheriff is also concerned about recent developments in the state government that push towards the legalization of marijuana, saying that legalizing it sends the wrong message to our kids.


Sheriff Kettelkamp says marijuana is the second most used drug among youth today. He says he doesn’t understand why there has been a push towards legalization, due to the message that sends to teens.



Kettelkamp said he doesn’t believe that drug addicts should be in prison, and wanted to clear up the misconception that a possession charge leads to jail time.



Kettelkamp discussed his experience with drug addicts, and some of the problems drugs cause in people’s lives. He said although drug addicts shouldn’t be in prison, the people supplying the drugs should be.



Sheriff Kettelkamp appeared on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show

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