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Local elections are quickly approaching, and in Shelbyville one of the positions up for grabs is the office of City Commissioner of Public Property, more commonly known as the Park Commissioner. Local business owner Mark Shanks, who owns Monicals Pizza in Shelbyville is running for the seat, and wants to be able to help grow Shelbyville.
Shanks has served as the President of the Shelbyville and Paxton Chamber of Commerce, and feels his experience in those positions can help him be a successful Park Commissioner.
Shanks discussed how he wants to grow the city of Shelbyville, and says the city has a lot of key resources to take advantage of. He does want to see the growth be moderate however, warning how growing too quickly can have a negative impact on a community.
Shelbyville business owner Mark Shanks appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our downtown Shelbyville studios.

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