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The Christian County Farmers Supply is working in conjunction with their parent company Growmark, and the Christian County Farm Bureau to help bring awareness to split application of nitrogen. The 4R4U program will involve 12 projects with strategies to highlight various 4R practices at the local level throughout Illinois.


Darin Hennings with the Christian County Farmers Supply wants more people to know that FS customers are making an effort to be more environmentally friendly. Several farm operations are working with the 4R4U program to show the difference between the old way of applying nitrogen, and split application.



The total amount of Nitrogen used will remain the same, but the idea is that splitting up the application of nitrogen allows crops to utilize more of the nitrogen, and reduce the amount of excess nitrates running off into local watersheds. It’s a practice that most farmers in the area are already implementing.



The program is in an attempt to avoid any further litigation of fertilizer application in Illinois.

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