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The state budget is on the mind of Illinois state legislators, especially since Governor Bruce Rauner just proposed a possible budget that is still $4 billion  out of balance. Another thing on the mind of Illinois lawmakers is state worker pay since court battles are taking place to see if Illinois state workers will be paid for their services.


State Representative Avery Bourne has thoughts on both of these issues. She said, regarding a budget, she remains optimistic a new budget will be in effect by the time June gets here, but it will be up to the General Assembly if it passes.

Bourne also said she is pushing to allow state workers to continue to be paid as Attorney General Lisa Madigan is in the courts trying to prevent it. Bourne said the bill she has drawn up has bipartisan support as she attempts to keep state working families out of the political battles.

Representative Bourne appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 



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