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While citizens of Taylorville are voting or preparing to vote for their new city clerk and mayor, some positions that are also available include City Alderman. Chris Skultety (Skull-Teddy) is running for Alderman in Ward Two and is hoping he can save Taylorville from making the mistakes his original hometown made.


Skultety said his hometown of Madisonville, Kentucky, was in the same position that Taylorville is in now, wanting to grow and become more prosperous, but in that process it lost its “home” feel. He said he already has a good idea of what Taylorville needs to do to keep that warm neighborly feeling present.

Skultety said he wants to be a part of a council that will keep the town in good hands with it's city officials, to keep the right people in town and make sure the one's who bring a bad element to the city are left out.

Skultety appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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