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As the election date to vote to pass or nix the school tax referendum nears, the pressure is on as this vote will affect the city and its citizens for years to come. Projections show if the city votes yes, while it can hurt the citizens financially, it will benefit the future of Taylorville as economic growth will be more likely to continue. But if not, the school will shut down many extracurricular programs and elective classes in the next two years including athletics, FFA, and art, music and agriculture classes.


Melissa Livingston, Member of Citizens for Education said if the tax referendum doesn't pass, the city's future looks pretty negative.

Livingston was joined by Jenny Moats, another member of Citizens for Education who said for those who are worried about their own finances, CFE has done research and discovered ways for people on fixed incomes to pay a lower tax rate overall. They said all you have to do is contact the Taylorville tax assessors office.

Livingston and Moats appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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