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Early voting is available but the official day to vote for the school tax referendum as well as many city official positions is April 4th. Taylorville is going to have a new mayor without a doubt as Mayor Brotherton is stepping down hoping new and fresh ideas will come to the city and help things continue to progress.


Terry Wright is running for the open position, and he believes his years of experience as an Alderman helps his campaign. One thing Wright said he wants to build as mayor, is a richer pride in the city.

Some of those people include former Mayor Dick Adams, Jim Marblestone and Marcella Day off of the square, Ken Hart who is still active with Economic Development, and philanthropists such as Bill Hopper and Bill Barry who built their businesses in the area and helped create the mentality present day citizens of Taylorville have.


Wright said said he hopes to continue to have that positive attitude and pride from the citizens and one way to do that is to continue to bring great things to the city. Many businesses are eying the area because of the new four lane highway. But also because Taylorville is one of the leading cities in the state in technology and information thanks to Adam Vocks and Billy Williams.

Wright appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.  

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