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Taylorville citizens looking to do some spring cleaning this month will have the opportunity to bring their trash to the Taylorville Street Department. March Cleanup Days is a collaborative effort to allow Taylorville residents the ability to freely dump their trash at the street department each Saturday throughout the month of March.


Taylorville Alderman Earl Walters is one of the people behind the effort, and had more details on the Cleanup Days.



Alderman Walters said those helping with March Clean Up Days will help citizens put the trash they bring into the dumpsters at the Street Department, and how the first clean up day was a huge success.



Walters said the program will be evaluated at the end of the month, and potentially brought back for additional time later on in the year. People wishing to dump their trash have to show proof of residency before dumping their garbage, and there are some items that are not allowed to be thrown away during the event. Anyone who has any questions as to what’s allowed to be dumped, or any other questions on the event can call the Taylorville Street Department.

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