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Residents of Assumption are invited to attend a free informative event on March 18th to hear about a project that’s intended to help better Assumption. The town has adopted a “mapping” project, that identifies various areas of potential improvement around town, and ways to implement those improvements. The event will have several guest speakers to help inform the public about the project.


Assumption Alderman Courtney Hiler had more information on the meeting, as well as the mapping project.



The event will be a free community dinner to allow residents the ability to learn more about the project, as well as the future of Assumption. No registration is required for the event.


Hiler said several guest speakers are scheduled to give presentations during the dinner, including State Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill).



Hiler said several other towns have implemented the mapping project, and has seen good results due to it. The informative event will be held at St. Marys Parrish Hall, and doors will open at 5, with speakers starting at 6.

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