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The Taylorville City Council is working towards improving Taylorville, and it showed during Monday night’s city council meeting. The Council voted and approved motions that would reduce the blight around the city, and approve paying the contractors who have done a great job with the new sewer lines on the north side of town.


Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton spoke with WTIMTV following the meeting, and explained how the council voted to approve payment to the contractors working on the new sewer lines, however made sure to give some insurance to the city from the state.



Although the project is currently far ahead of schedule, Mayor Brotherton still wanted to thank the citizens of Taylorville for their patience with the project. He mentioned how the new sewer lines have been a huge help to the city’s storm water management.



The council also continued their push to reduce the amount of blight in the city. A new ordinance was approved that would allow the council to give homeowners who are taking their time with property renovation projects a tighter timeline on when the work needs to be finished.



Mayor Brotherton also discussed the upcoming mayoral forum on Wednesday. He said the citizens of Taylorville should be paying attention, and seeing what each candidate has to say.



You can hear the Taylorville Mayoral Forum Wednesday by tuning into the live coverage on NEWSTALK WTIM.

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