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The official date to vote for Taylorville city officials is less than a month away and the city is going to have a major turnover in it's government positions. While there will definitely be a new city clerk and mayor, one position that may not change is city treasurer as current treasurer Jacque Nation is running for re-election. Kellie Hamell, is looking to change that as she has a lot of experience in the county treasurer’s office.


Hamell said she's heavily researched the job, asking city treasurers from similar cities about the job description, and she believes, with her experience, she'd be a good fit. Hamell said one thing she would like to change as city treasurer is to have budget information more available and accessible to the city aldermen.

Hamell said another thing she has in mind is to stabilize the water bills to payment will be made every month rather than every other month. She said this will help people budget their money more easily, especially with the rise in water rates.

Hamell said she knows double the work load will be given to the city workers, and one way to help that would be through payment using debit and credit cards.


Hamell appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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