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Taylorville Community Credit Union invites it’s members to the Knights of Columbus Hall in Taylorville on March 21st for their annual meeting. The meeting is an opportunity for TCCU members to mingle with each other and the staff, and get an idea of the direction that TCCU is heading.


Will Perkins, President of Taylorville Community Credit Union said the meeting will also have some fun activities planned, and asked that all members who wish to attend, to RSVP for the event.



This year’s meeting is being billed as one of “reflections and projections”. Perkins mentioned how the Credit Union is pleased with their recent growth, so the meeting will essentially be a celebration of TCCU’s success.



Perkins commented on the unique opportunity that the meeting gives it’s members, and how you don’t get that at many banks.



Members are encouraged to visit or call the credit union’s Taylorville office no later than March 14th to reserve a seat should they wish to attend the meeting.

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