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A string of suspicious fires in Pana has lead officials worrying about a possible “firebug” in the city. The Pana Fire Department responded to a call on Monday evening of yet another suspicious fire, this time at an abandoned grocery store on Cedar Street. Arson is suspected in the blaze due to the building have no power or gas, anybody living nearby, or any storms in the vicinity that could have started the fire.


A firebug is a slang term often used for an arsonist who lights fires for the fun of it. So far the fires started in the city have been to vacant, abandoned buildings, however officials are concerned since often a firebug will gradually move to bigger or occupied structures.


The Pana Fire Department has asked residents to stay alert, and be on guard for suspicious behavior, such as people walking around vacant homes, or vehicles parked where they shouldn’t be. If you do see something suspicious, residents are asked to contact the Pana Police Department.

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