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One of the Taylorville city government positions available in this election is City Treasurer. Current Treasurer, Jacque Nation, is in the fight to retain her position. She's been in the treasurer's office for nearly a decade, five years as a deputy, the past 4 years as Taylorville City Treasurer, and she hopes that doesn't end any time soon as she still has plans for the city government offices.


Nation said one reason she thinks people should allow her to keep her position is for continuity, since there will be a new mayor and city clerk. She said the treasurers office should remain stable during this time of adjustment for the city government.

Nation said one thing she wanted to make clear was the increase in water rates. She said many people think it's her office that makes those increases, but that just isn't true.

Nation said one thing she hopes to implement by the end of March is the use of debit and credit cards to pay for water bills.


Nation appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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