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The city of Taylorville has its hands full when it comes to improving its infrastructure as there are multiple road projects taking place, as well as new sewer lines, and a new water plant preparing to be built. Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton said these projects may be expensive, but the end result will benefit the cities utilities and economy as businesses and incoming residents will be more likely move to Taylorville.


Brotherton said the road construction on East Main Cross and Cheney will also benefit the citizens, and while they may be annoying now, they aren't far from completion.

Brotherton said all of these improvements may not be as important if the Taylorville School Tax Referendum does not pass. He said it's important to vote “Yes” for the tax referendum, otherwise businesses and citizens won't move in, and it's likely many will move out.

Brotherton appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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