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It was a packed house Tuesday evening at the Taylorville Municipal Building as many members of the community came out to Tuesday’s Taylorville City Council Meeting in support of the Lincoln Prairie Bike Trail between the cities of Taylorville and Pana. The Council voted 5-3 in favor of a motion to have the city attorney draft an intergovernmental agreement between Taylorville and Pana that would both fix the trestle bridge along the bike path, as well as transfer ownership of part of the path to Taylorville.


Taylorville City Alderman Martin Vota had mentioned during the meeting that he had spoken with many concerned citizens regarding the bike trail. Vota spoke with WTIMTV following the meeting where he echoed some of the concerns that he had heard.



Vota discussed the intergovernmental agreement the council approved to allow the city attorney to draft, and what it would mean for the trail.



Originally, Taylorville had only agreed to help Pana with the costs of the repair of the trestle bridge along the trail. With the costs of the project increasing, Vota discussed why the Council decided to now work towards taking over ownership of a portion of the trail.



Some concerns were raised by several members of the City Council as to whether or not this was a prudent expense for Taylorville, noting the condition of several sidewalks within the city limits. Vota shared why he felt spending money on the trail was well worth it.



Vota concluded by saying that once the Taylorville side of the trail is under city ownership, the city should promote the trail to help bring tax dollars and revenue into the city.

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