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A Christian County resident has been arrested for possession of about 10 pounds of cannabis. Agents with the Central Illinois Enforcement Group, in cooperation with agents from the Metropolitan Enforcement Group Southwestern Illinois conducted a drug investigation that lead to the arrest of Zachary T. Bland of Pana for possession of the marijuana with intent to deliver.


Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp said the drug task force groups were able to intercept and seize the cannabis as it made it’s way through the mail.



The task force was able to determine where the cannabis was eventually headed through that arrest, which lead to the arrest of Bland. According to Kettelkamp, this takes nearly $80,000 worth of marijuana off the streets.


Sheriff Kettelkamp praised law enforcement officers for making the bust because he feels that it could potentially save lives. Kettelkamp discussed how he feels that marijuana is a gateway drug, that can potentially lead to abuse of other drugs.



Kettelkamp mentioned how with the seized marijuana, you could make nearly 9,000 joints, and how one individual could possibly supply 448 people with 10 grams of cannabis.



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