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The winter seasons are a good time to make sure insulation and home structures are in good working order. At times during the year, things can happen to mess with the insulation in someone's house, but Shelby Electric Cooperative, has many services for their members and non members to help and make sure people aren't wasting their money trying to keep their homes warm.


Dustin Theiss, from Shelby Electric Cooperative said they offer members special prices and even free walkthroughs to prepare them for the winter season.

Theiss said the services are available to those who aren't Shelby Electric members as well.

Theiss said there are some things people can do, themselves, to prevent them from having to call Shelby Electric, or to save money if Shelby Electric still has to visit to fix some issues.

Theiss appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM morning show live from our downtown Shelbyville studios. 

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