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The Villas of Hollybrook is a living residence in Shelbyville for people who may need more help day to day than the average family can provide, but they also have the option for people to live there who may not need assistance. Pricing is no different for either lifestyle of the residents, and rooms are available for temporary use for just $65 a night.


Jenny Stevens, Executive Director of the Villas of Hollybrook, said people have the option to have assisted living or not, and also have the option to come and go as they please, as long as they have their own vehicle.

Stevens said Villas is all inclusive, which includes meals, activities, utilities, and much more.

One thing Stevens said she loves about the Villas of Hollybrook is the food. She said the food is some of the best she's had in a community like this, and the dieticians make changes to the food to match the diet needs of the resident.

Stevens appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show from our downtown Shelbyville studios. 

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